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Wafa visit to Tanzania

Wafa Relief has recently visited a number of countries in the Horn of Africa. The first visit was to Tanzania, during which the Organisation inspected the water wells projects that Wafa implemented in partnership with African Relief Organization during the past years.

Water well in Sierra Leone

Wafa Relief have recently designed and constructed a water well in Sierra Leone after residents of the village exposed to serious diseases due to the contaminated water nearby.

Wafa Relief also recently started an orphanage for orphans whose parents have unfortunately fallen victims to Ebola over the past years.

Our charity organisation has pledged to secure more orphans and build further necessary facilities for the people of Sierra Leone such as school and water thanks for clean water.

Wafa Relief fund Orphanage and Sponsor 100 orphans

Wafa Relief recently made a field trip to Sierra Leone, which included a visit to a local orphanage. Upon which the Wafa Relief Representatives endeavored to identify the needs and problems faced by the orphanage. Due to the surge of the number of orphans, to an orphanage that was barely capable to handle what it already had, the orphanage was unable to take-on any more orphans and was in need of expansion.

Wafa Relief pledged to fund the Expansion of the Orphanage and Sponsor 100 orphans. Wafa Relief will also Commission the construction of an educational facility for these orphans.

Recent Aid Distribution process, Sierra Leone!

Wafa Relief Representatives have recently returned from a field trip to Sierra Leone to over-look the Aid Distribution process that was assigned to the people infected with the Ebola disease in Sierra Leone that has struck the country over the past few months which has resulted in the occurrence of significant losses.

Wafa Relief was amongst the First Charitable organisations to enter Sierra Leone after the declaration to the end of the State of Emergency by the local government.

Clothing container reaches Syria

Following several delays at the Turkish border, our container full of clothing and supplies has finally reached its destination, providing hundreds of families with much needed assistance.

Ebola Response in Sierra Leone

Al hamdulillah, our Ebola emergency response in Sierra Leone is going from strength to strength!
Our first and second rounds of food parcels have been successfully delivered, providing a total of 168 parcels to the needy in Freetown.

Aid for Africa Fundraiser

Al hamdulillah our fundraiser with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick was a massive success. We raised over £20,000 for our project helping victims of Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Ramadan 2014 – Eritrean Refugees in Sudan

Al hamdulillah Wafa Relief was able to continue supporting Eritrean Refugees in East Sudan this Ramadan . In total we were able to supply 100 food parcels, each with enough food to support a family for a month as well as supplying Zakat-ul-fitr for hundred more.